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Individual Learning Goals-
I use these as short term learning goals.
They are displayed on the students table with their photo. We (student and I) decide on the learning goals. I have photocopies of goal in a folder. They are blue-taced into the boxes on the left. I have one literacy goal and one numeracy goal. When I observe the student correctly using the goal I place a tick in a box on the right. When all boxes are ticked the goal is achieved. Iit is now peeled off and pasted on the inside cover of their numeracy book as a record of their achievements.

Think Boards
Think Boards are a great way to assess the strategies students are using and can be used in may ways. I ask the students to write the number in each section in the order they complete them. This is allows me to see which strategy they may prefer to begin with which can be very revealing.

Mathematics Online Interview
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DEECD Developmental Overviews
DEECD Mapping the Indicators of Progress

DEECD Standards and Progression Points